Project Dignity

Restoring honor to the widows in India through entrepreneurship. 

We are renovators, working to restore honor.  Whether that be with RT4 or any other project we put our hands to we are work establish honor.

In the case of this Giving back honor and dignity:

spiritually, emotionally, psychologically.

Providing employment and business opportunity to widows in India through cow milk production.

… co-creating with God to rebuild and restore “the places long devastated…your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to live in,” (Isaiah 58:12).

Historically, a widow “is forever burdened with the misfortune of having outlived her husband, she is ‘physically alive but socially dead”. Traditionally, these women were burned after their husband’s passing, in a practice known as “sati”. Though, this has been illegal for several decades, the social belief that the woman is a curse, that she was responsible for her husband’s death, is still held in many communities.

We Are Providing Business Opportunities To Change Lives

Often with no place to go, these women are most vulnerable to prostitution, slave labor, or poor jobs with low wages.

Widow In India

Since 2004, Kingdom Foundations has worked with women, helping them discover their purpose and passion, releasing them with confidence in their God-given identity so that their gifts and talents can enable their families and communities to flourish.

Interview with a widow

Meeting Various Needs

Broken Social Identity

During the funeral, the wife’s bangles are smashed, the dot on her forehead, the “bindi”, is removed, and her colorful clothing is exchanged for white only. Every symbol identifying her as a married woman, connected in her society is destroyed. She is now untouchable.


Already vulnerable, widows are often fired by employers who do not want the curse on their business. Additionally, half-widows, desperate for their husbands to return, spend the limited funds they have on blessings from spiritual masters, religious mendicants, and holy men, to find relief and peace.

Psychological Health

Widows and half-widows experience depression, phobia, emotional stability, considering themselves worthless.

Physical Health & Safety

Because they lack social value, they are physically vulnerable to threats, extortion, manipulation, sexual molestation and rape.

Why Business?

Jesus was very practical. His Kingdom Empowered and Delivered.

Because the root causes of poverty are often spiritual but also physical, human and organizational, we value the role of business and entrepreneurship.

Humanity was created in the image of God, filled with his breath, and commissioned to be fruitful– co-laboring, co-creating, in flourishing relationship with their God, with each other, and in their natural and social communities.

The promise of salvation is that individuals can be restored back to their identity, purpose, back in relationship with their God, with each other, in partnership again restoring and enabling their natural and social communities to flourish.

One of the greatest inhibitors of human flourishing and hope is poverty, which was even called a “curse”, (Deuteronomy 28:15-68). In this, entrepreneurs and business women are some of the most equipped to minister hope and reconciliation. They are able to co-create value where it did not exist. They’re able to provide opportunities for others to express creativity and talent, to establish meaningful relationships, and to have the “power to get wealth” for their own generation, legacy, and to reinvest capital back into the community.

How It Works

For $2250, we are able to provide a woman with the necessary capital to start a milk business—a cow, building and equipment.

Daily milk supply provides a livable wage, and enough to also repay the loan within 3 years, back into the fund for other women entrepreneurs.

Initially, each woman will be employed to care for the cows and milk them, providing them with the necessary income to care for their family and send their children to school. She will also work with local counselors to restore her dignity and develop new vocational and life skills.

This trial period lasts 6 months- 1 year.

After she has completed Stage 1, she will be given an opportunity for a 3-year, no-interest lease purchase to start her own milking business. She will continue earning the same wage as before, receive additional business training, and become sole owner of her milk business after 3 years.

Your donations can go along way change a life! 

You can help a families live to be changed forever. A widow’s employment provides for her, her children, and their education.

This Cow Project Is Changing Women's Lives

By partnering with widows in business, inviting them to dream and co-create, to see purpose in raw materials, in the people around them, and the communities they are part of, and contribute their love and creativity. This enables them to experience a sense of purpose and value, but also increase financially, which benefits their families, and reduces poverty in their communities.

This project serves along side the vision of Kingdom Foundations to make freedom achievable. 

History Of India Village Focus

Ravi first began ministering, in rural India, over 20 years ago, planting churches. During these early years, the Lord began to show him His true heart for widows and orphans. Since then, he and his wife, Julie, have dedicated a number of projects and ministries for widows, and personally adopted 6 children.

They continue to have a passion for the nation of India and its’ even though they are currently serving in America.



Onsite Leaders

Meet Shobha & Shri

Shoba married her husband Shridhar in 2019, both are passionate to pursue kingdom advancement. In 2014 Shoba received diploma in Bible and Theology. Since that time, she has done administrator for various schools and Christian organizations and is currently an administrator for the Global School of Missions and the overseer for Project Dignity with Kingdom Foundations.  Shobha is excited to utilize her years of preparation and experience in administration to fulfill her desire to see substantial change in the physical and spiritual lives of the disenfranchised women of India.        


Born into a rural village in India, Shobha is well acquainted with the harsh realities of village life.  Shortly after she was born, her mother passed away leaving her father and other locals to conclude that her birth had been a bad omen and her life would carry with it a curse.  The object of disdain, she was mistreated and shunned.  It wasn’t until the age of eight that Shobha was adopted, by the Kandal family, that would love her unconditionally and teach her what it meant to be a display of the truth and love of the Father.  She has carried her experiences with her, empathizing with those who are oppressed, mistreated, and devalued.  Through the years the Lord has taken Shobha on a path that would prepare her for the call on her life.

Inspiration for Project Dignity


Our First Employee


A message from Shobha: This project is especially close to my heart.  When I was 22 years old, I received a phone call from my sister informing me that my brother-in-law had been diagnosed with cancer.  The prognosis wasn’t good and there was nothing they could do.  It wasn’t even one week after his death that all the villagers began a push to run her out of the village.  Not only had she taken on the role of a cursed woman, they were now vying for my brother-in-law’s property and attempting to leave her with nothing.  Considering the abuse, my sister was ready to forfeit what belonged to her and give the villagers what they wanted.  I knew, however, if she did that, she would have nothing…nothing for herself…nothing for her kids, where would they go?  I encouraged her to stay and fight for what belonged to her, to hold fast to her principals and to stand for what was right.  In that time, she encountered terrible abuses.  Men would throw stones at her; people would invent rumors of affairs to tarnish her reputation.  The shame was unimaginable.  Despite the insurmountable obstacles we continued to fight for her rights and for the future of her children.  I am happy to say that she is now the proud owner of her own property, a property that cannot be taken away, a property where she can’t be evicted based on archaic ideas and lies, a property that she can hand down to her children.  What a victory!


As wonderful as it is to own your own home, free of the threat of eviction, that was only half the battle.  My sister still found herself on her own with no income and children to provide for.  Through this whole process I prayed and sought the Lord as to how she might be able to earn money toward monthly expenses and education while also caring for her children and maintaining the home.  That is when Project Dignity was born.  By investing in a cow, my sister was able to earn income sufficient enough to not only pay the bills, but also to pay for her children’s’ education, a luxury that many Indian village children are never afforded.  Rather than being forced into child labor and premature responsibilities, they will be left with the opportunity to be children, studying and playing like their peers.  As I write this, it has been three year since my brother-in-law passed away and the changes I have seen are tremendous.  My sister regularly says, “I’m sure your God lives because I prayed to many, but none answered me except yours and He sent you to me.”  Slowly I am sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with her and her children.  I have never seen her happier and the joy I see exuding from her only serves to remind me just how much the Lord cares for widows and orphans.  It was a privilege to get to witness the hand of God in every good thing that happened to my sister and it was catalyst that motivated me to ensure that others will experience the same.             



Meet Lavanya


A Candidate for Employment


Lavanya is a 21-year-old girl, married at the young age of 18 with two kids by the age of 20.  Lavanya was left reeling when she lost her husband at the age of 21.  Ostracized and shunned, she is no longer invited to any community functions or celebrations, she has no social outlet, no livelihood, two children to support, and she is shown no sign of kindness by her neighbors.  In an already harsh world, she now finds herself at the bottom of the totem pole, an easy target for others to take advantage of.   In recent conversations with Lavanya, she shared her heart, her struggles, and her experiences as a young widow living alone in the village.  Distraught, she says that she would rather die than find herself in her present circumstances.  In fact, it is not uncommon for many women in India to commit suicide upon the death of their husbands. As a widow she is not allowed to remarry, rather she is doomed to endure these abuses in solitude for the remainder of her years.  Hopelessness reaches to new heights among young women who know they will be forced to live out the rest of their seemingly very long life subjected to the cruelty of the ideology toward widows.  As if that weren’t enough, she is regularly propositioned by men looking to take advantage of the fact that she is defenseless and alone.  Lavanya has continued to endure her plight with has much strength and grace as she can conjure, but in addition to all the other struggles she is most inhibited by the fact that she has two young children to care for and no income with which to do so.  Unlike the western world, there is no support for single mothers, there are no daycares, no government assistance, not even neighborly assistance.  Lavanya is on her own and unable to leave her two young children to go to work.  I am absolutely convinced that Project Dignity can help widows like Lavanya who are in great need. Lavanya is an amazing woman with a sweet personality and a wonderful sense of humor. Your prayers and support will enable her to become the next beneficiary of this project!  


Measuring Impact

Village Life Images

With your financial partnership we can not only help transform a women’s live, but impact and transform a culture.

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